Fambo produces creative programs for children and their families which centre and celebrate LGBTIQA+ identities and queer arts and culture.

Initiated by curator and queer parent Jenn Blake and developed in collaboration with their partner Samantha Blake, Fambo brings together artists and community to create experiences for families where gender is not binary or imposed, different bodies are not othered, and creative self-expression is encouraged.

Fambo has presented programs in a variety of contexts and for all kinds of families, including: Fambo: A Queer Festival for All Kinds of Families (2018); Fambo Editions of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s (MCA) ARTplay and ARTbaby; and Contemporary Kids x Fambo with MCA for Sydney Festival 2020. 

Unfunded Empathy is working with Fambo to market their Slo-Mo program throughout 2020 and 2021.

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