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Facebook fucking sucks.
But so does FOMO.

In an effort to help de-Zuck without losing community, here’s a not-perfect, not-exhaustive list of cute family gigs coming up.

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Thanks to all who have checked in about this page – we’re back and more amped than ever to highlight events that keep us close and connected.

It is a bunch of work…and you can help out! Send your suggestions to for consideration and listing.

And while I got you, this list is published entirely at the discretion of the site owner and his unashamed political leanings.

We will not list events at venues who do not support the values of the queer community. These include:

  • those owned by multinationals or chains
  • Liberal or National Party donors
  • those who condone sexual or labour infringements
  • those that I just don’t like

Don’t like that? That’s cool. Start your own list ❤

Weekly | Queerbourhood

Your weekly Wednesday queer clubhouse to regroup, recharge, revel, rebel and reconnect at Redfern’s beating heart, The Bearded Tit

Sat 1 May
Crisis Actor at PACT

Join incel-ebrity curators Ian Sinclair and Tait de Lorenzo for this deep state dance party. They’ve trawled the murkiest corners of the web to create a night of alt-fright, Queer-Anon reclamation of digital space, featuring Harriet Gillies, BLECK, Blake Lawrence and many many more.

Fri 23 April
Grumble Booooogie

Let’s move it around, angry frogs! Grumble is back for this deeply silly and fun community love bop at Addi Road.

Fri 23 April
Leak Your Own Nudes

(SOLD OUT) The Red Rattler is playing host to Sydney’s most consensual good time LYON. It’s dancing in your undies. Obvs.

Sat 24 March

(SOLD OUT) Bad Dog, Coda Collective, 107 Projects and Unfunded Empathy have teamed up to create this electro-social at Sydney Dance. One night only from 5:30pm.

#NoShameJobHere fundraiser

Help out Decolonise Sex Work AU’s efforts to tackle the twin evils of colonisation and criminalisation of First Nations SWers.

4 – 8 May
GODDESS: the Elizabeth Burton Story

(SOLD OUT) Don’t miss the ‘Old Tart of Surry Hills’ herself, Elizabeth Burton, backed by Betty Grumble and Sharon Manhattan and revelling in the four Ms – Mastication, Masturbation, Meditation and Mobility!

Full disclosure: I’m producing this show. It’ll be sick.

Thurs 6 May
Worship at the Bearded Tit

A night of queer cabaret curated by Dyan Tai featuring i-mb-i, Marlena Dali and more. Get in early cos limited space.

13-15 May
LIVE DREAMS | Performance Space

Three one night programs with new works in development, available in the room and on the zoom.

26 – 29 May
Angela Goh’s Sky Blue Mythic

Contemporary dance, papaya milk, the void. I fkn loved this at the Keir Awards last year. Will def be going to this new full-length version. Ange is a genius and big vibe.

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