8/8/8: WORK

by Harriet Gillies & Marcus McKenzie

Image: Eugene Hyland

Sat 4 June | Rising Melbourne

9am – 5pm | Schoolhouse Studios, Coburg

As per our last email re: optimising audience attendance

At close of play and the end of days, optimisation never ceases. 

The world of Comic Sans reply-alls is taken offline in this experimental marathon performance by artists Harriet Gillies and Marcus McKenzie.

Clock-in with an expert team of life coach gurus, microdosing tech-bros, multi-level marketing scammers, and an intern paid entirely in exposure for this absurd capitalist phantasm.

As the performance spills from a CAPTCHAesque maze of queues and QR codes and into an absurd corporate seminar, bodies will rise en masse to break free from cubicles and bring to life the Casual Friday horrors of human production lines and infinte grind. 

8/8/8: Work is the first in a series of three immersive durational performances examining the industrialised split of our lives into neat, equal slivers of work, rest and play.

Creative Team

Marcus McKenzie & Harriet Gillies

Lynsey Peisinger

Lara Thoms (Aphids)

Eugene Choi, Mish Grigor, Amrita Hepi, Bec Jensen & Peter Paltos

Production Design
Romanie Harper

Nina Buchanan

Lighting Design

Digital Design
Xanthe Dobbie

Technical Associate
Derrick Duan

Associate Artist
Roshelle Fong

Production Manager
Nick Glen

Assistant Stage Manager
Daniel Story

Thom Smyth / Unfunded Empathy

With big thanks to
Auspicious Arts

Show Info

Duration: 480 minutes (no interval)

Commissioned by RISING.

This project was commissioned through RISING’s A Call to Artists initiative, a program supported by Creative Victoria, City of Melbourne and Besen Family Foundation.

It is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding anIt is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body, and received development support through the GreenHouse National Artists Residency program, delivered by HotHouse Theatre in partnership with Albury City and Murray Arts; Melbourne Fringe and the Besen Family Foundation; and Vitalstatistix through Adhocracy, their national artists’ lab.

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