Queer PowerPoint

Gillies, Dobbie & Smyth

In Development

An evening of corporate presentations and personal optimisation. But queer.

Join us for a night of sharing ideas in collaboration with one of the greatest computer programs of all time – Microsoft PowerPoint.

This pandemic has hit creative and queer communities hard and it’s so important that we have deeply felt and oddly informative events to look forward to.

Queer PowerPoint subverts traditional notions of the ‘presentation’ as a banal corporate tool, queering form through performativity and niche fanaticism.

Launching in December 2021, we will commission queer artists from across Sydney to go down a rabbithole and emerge, blinking, with a ideas, lols, gifs and memes to share.

Queer PowerPoint is supported by 107 Projects.

Creative Team

Harriet Gillies, Xanthe Dobbie & Thom Smyth

Co-Curators & Featuring
Harriet Gillies & Xanthe Dobbie

Sound & Tunes
jonny seymour

Creative Producer
Thom Smyth

Production Manager
Solomon Thomas

Production Info

Queer Powerpoint is supported by 107 Projects through their 107 Presents Artist Residency Program.

This event encompasses a commissioning and development platform and performance night, performed in the room and on the Zoom.

Please get in touch for more info – thom@unfundedempathy.com

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