The Power of the Holy Spirit

by Harriet Gillies | Winner – Best Experimental Performance, Melbourne Fringe

Good To Go | Available Now

A new experimental solo performance by Harriet Gillies, exploring the control we do and do not have over our URL identities in a post-truth world. Expect a TED-talk on acid, a performative lecture on mushrooms, storytelling whilst popping nangs.

Hysterically funny, unexpectedly moving, and clever as hell.

Daily Review

Come down a rabbithole that begins as a rational exploration of the nuanced and complicated ways our identities and politics are manifested on the internet, but will probably (definitely) end with Harriet getting naked and putting something up her butt (but, like, in a really arty and compelling way).

“The Power of the Holy Spirit” is also a book written by some people called George and Harriet Gillies. George Gillies is a retired Wall Street executive who, along with his wife Harriet, received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The whole show is unpredictable, an unapologetic rollercoaster of surprise… It follows every tangent, explores every possibility and leaves no stone unturned.

Theatre Travels

After thirty-five years in the business world, they conducted thorough and systematic research to provide background information about how you may obtain the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. When Harriet googles her name. this is one of the primary search results. She uses this book as one layer in a dense collage of styles and sources to weave a tapestry of hilariously absurd, beautiful, and paradoxical gestures, images and language.

Warning: Contains strobe lighting; fucking full frontal fucking nudity; strong coarse language; sudden, surprising and sustained sounds; drug use; potentially triggering content or themes including Drug References, Alcohol Use, Misogyny, Sexual References, Death & Poop.

Creative Team

Harriet Gillies

Harriet Gillies

AV Design
Xanthe Dobbie

Produced by Thom Smyth for Unfunded Empathy

Production Info

This project is ready for national and international presentation.

It is a work suited to black box, gallery and non-traditional performance spaces.

Touring party of one with no freight required.

Let’s chat! Contact:


November | The Flying Nun @ Brand X
Sydney, New South Wales

September | Melbourne Fringe
Melbourne, Victoria
WINNER: Best Experimental Performance

Production History

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