Mini Beasts Disco

by Betty Grumble

Almost Ready | In Development

Mini Beasts Disco is a community-minded, big-hearted intergenerational eco-disco extravaganza hosted by local person of interest Betty Grumble.

The ecoqueen of the seed-ier dancefloors of Sydney’s Inner West, Grumble will metamorphose her rampaging ecofeminist call-to-arms into a creative composting clubnight for kids.

Mini Beasts Disco reframes the ideas of ‘us’, ‘we’ & ‘community’ to include the critters, creatures, flora and landscapes around us. Flying in the face of anthropocentric domination, Mini Beasts Disco encourages an expansive view of the natural world to foster deep empathy, understanding and a sense of awe, always.

Drawing on clubnight aesthetics and the stages of the lifecycle of the butterfly, performances will unfurl across the day, each spiced with scientific factoids and designed to provoke consideration of responsibility and consent.

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